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A big thanks from us at Designs4Life Furniture.   We want to ensure you enjoy your purchase for years to come so please take a minute to read our care guide.


The variations in grain pattern and colour are what give real wood its natural beauty and timeless appeal. No two pieces will ever be exactly the same and your table is unique to you.  Wood lives and breathes and reacts to its environment. It is natural for wood to shrink and expand depending on temperature and humidity.  Slight movement, minor marks, cracks and knocks will all add to the character of your table.  


General Care Information - Tables 

  • Avoid exposing to excessive heat (eg radiators etc ) or direct sunlight.

  • Always protect from warm objects, strong cleaning agents and water.  Never put hot dishes directly onto your table.

  • Any spills should be wiped up immediately with a damp cloth.We recommend you use felt backed table mats

  • Do not use household cleaners and polishes as this will remove the wax surface.


Caring for your Waxed Table

Your table will require a small amount of care to ensure it continues to look good and perform well. Please ensure you follow the General Care information above.  

We finish our tables with high quality wax.   Traditional wax finishes such as these need to be re-applied periodically to maintain a protective finish. If marks and scratches do occur, these can often be removed using very fine steel wool, working with the wood grain, followed by re-waxing.

If you would like to buy some finishing wax  for routine maintenance, please see our Furniture Care Page , for a “scrub top” look allow the wax to gradually wear over time and do not apply.

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